New Services


To arrange a Statement of Cost for converted or new build properties please complete our Application Form, which can be downloaded by clicking here. Please return your completed Application Form along with Site and Location Plans and a Soil Report (where applicable).

To view a copy of our New Water Services Brochure, please click here. This should be read when completing your Application Form for a New Water Service.

Once your Application Form and paperwork has been received we will be pleased to forward you a Statement of Cost.

Please note that Statement of Costs for new build properties on developments where a main has been requisitioned will only be released once mainlaying commences.

If you wish to meet with our Water Regulations Advisor when he visits, please put a note to this effect on your Application Form, we will then contact you to arrange a convenient appointment.

Please direct any New Services enquiries via email to;

[email protected] or call 023 9244 9088