Planning For The Future

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Our Business Plan 2020-2025

Water Resources Legacy Regulatory Capital Value

These documents updates Portsmouth Water’s initial assessment of its wholesale Regulatory Capital Value (RCV) allocation between Water Resources and Network Plus for the forthcoming Periodic Review Process.  Our submission can be viewed below.

RCV Allocation Table Final Methodology – PRT – 5 February 2018
PRT – Water Resources Legacy RCV Allocation – 31 January 2018 version 2

Our Business Plan 2015-2020

Final Determination 2015

The Company confirmed today, 16 January 2015, that it did not want Ofwat to refer the Determination to the Competition and Market Authority. Please click here to view the letter sent to Ofwat.

Further the Company confirmed that, at this stage it does not wish to alter any components of its Outcome Delivery Incentives. Please click here to view the Company’s ODI Document.


Portsmouth Water’s Business Plan 2015-2020

Portsmouth Water Bills to Remain the Lowest in England and Wales

We are pleased to announce that we have published our “Business Plan for 2015–2020”.

Our Plan has been submitted to Ofwat, the economic regulator who will consider our proposals and are expected to announce whether they are acceptable by December 2014.

Following engagement with our customers and stakeholders, this document provides a summary of our proposals for delivering a high quality water service and value for money between 2015 and 2020.

Under our proposals we will deliver a range of improvements, but bills will not rise by more than inflation.  Our bills will remain the lowest in England and Wales; currently, at £94.50 on average per household per year.  We have for many years looked to limit any increases in our bills and since 1997 our bills have increased at a lower rate than average household incomes, making our bills more affordable now than they were in the mid-1990’s.

Our Business Plan has been developed after extensive consultation with our customers and we believe it will allow us to build on our already excellent record of service aligned with the lowest water bills in England and Wales.  Whilst limiting the increases to inflation we have listened to our customers who wants us to further enhance our service to them in areas of reducing leakage, lessen our impact and where possible look to improve the environment as well as providing more ways to help customers save water.  All these have been included as commitments in the Business Plan.

Following publication of our Draft Business Plan in October, we conducted research and our approach was found to be acceptable by 99% of household customers and 94% business customers.

Managing Director, Neville Smith said “I am really pleased with the response from customers to our original proposals and I am confident that the proposed plan will not only meet the needs of our customers but allow us to both keep customer bills the lowest in England and Wales and remain as one of the most efficient Water Companies in the country.”

With our current average bill of £94.50 (24% lower than any other Water Company) and by limiting any future increase to inflation we believe our Business Plan offers excellent value for money and excellent service to our customers.

The overall Business Plan can be found here….Portsmouth Water’s “Business Plan 2015–2020”

The Wholesale Business Plan can be found here ….Wholesale Business Plan

The Household Retail Business Plan can be found here ….Retail Business Plan Household

The Non Household Retail Business Plan can be found here ….Retail Business Plan Non-Household

For more information please contact Helen Orton, Finance & Regulations Director, or Neville Smith, Managing Director Telephone:  023 9249 9888.


Looking Ahead 2015 – 2040

Strategy Document for Consultation

Portsmouth Water is pleased to announce that we have published our “Looking ahead 2015 – 2040” strategy document for consultation.

As part of our ongoing business planning, the Company is currently focusing on the activities we need to undertake in the period 2015 – 2040 to ensure the continued reliable supply of safe drinking water.

Our proposals have been prepared to address the challenges that lay ahead; increasing customer expectations, climate change, affordability of bills and the government proposals to introduce retail competition for business customers.

Managing Director, Neville Smith said “The proposals in the document have been determined after detailed engagement and research with our customers. Whilst some things can never be compromised, such as water quality, a number of aspects of our service can be tailored to match customers’ views. We are determined to put customers at the heart of our plans and value their feedback.”

We are asking customers to provide us with their feedback on our proposals either online by following the link below or by completing the questionnaire at the back of the document.

Link to the survey:

Click here to view the document

For more information please contact Helen Orton, Finance & Regulations Director, Telephone:  023 9224 9888


Conservation, Access and Recreation Report

This report summarises our approach and work to ensure our activities are undertaken in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive manner, together with meeting our responsibilities under the Water Industry Act 1991 .

To view this year’s report and those for previous years please click here.