Surveys for the new reservoir pipeline: details of temporary traffic lights 24 – 28 August

Our surveys of the proposed pipeline route are progressing well. The team from GEOTECH have been learning more about what’s underground and you may have noticed them walking along footpaths using specialist radar equipment and lifting manholes. We’re particularly looking for pipes and cables.

We also need to find out what’s under the road, and to do this we’ll be using the van-mounted radar and lifting manholes within the carriageway.

To protect those working and minimise the impact on traffic on the busier roads, we’ll have temporary traffic lights on the roads listed below from 9pm until the following morning on the dates shown. We’ll make sure they are removed before the morning rush hour:

  • 24 August: Bedhampton Road, between North Street and Brunswick Gardens
  • 25 and 26 August: Dunsbury Way between the junctions with High Lawn Way and Ellisfield Road, the road will be open as usual during the daytime. The parking spaces on both sides of Dunsbury Way between High Lawn Way and Ellisfield Road will be suspended during our working hours.
  • 27 August: at the junction of High Lawn Way and Middle Park Way


You may also notice some traffic cones in the roads close to our working areas, these are to make sure there is space for vehicles to safely pass and we would ask that you do not park in these areas.

We’re sorry about any inconvenience this may cause and we’ll be doing everything we can to keep noise to a minimum. We’ll be contacting customers in the surrounding area with information, and you can find answers to commonly asked questions here.

You may have also noticed some markings on the footpaths and roads, this paint is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Once GEOTEC have completed their investigations, these markings will be removed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.