Change of account management services for business customers

From April 2016 your account is being managed by Castle Water. Information about Castle Water and how you can contact them can be found at Castle Water are managing all billing queries, bill payment and non-emergency calls.

If you have a water supply emergency please contact Portsmouth Water on 023 9247 7999.

Portsmouth Water takes further step to pass business customers billing and account management to Castle Water

In January 2016, we wrote to business and other non-household customers to explain that from April 2016 Castle Water, a specialist retailer, would be undertaking billing and other customer service activities in respect of their accounts with us. We said at that time that initially this would be on our behalf, but we intended to pass the accounts fully over to them when such customers can choose their retailer, which is due to commence in April 2017. In order to transfer these activities fully to Castle Water, Portsmouth Water has to gain permission from Government by completing an ‘Exit Application’, which was completed by us on 3 October 2016.

Choice of Retailer

From 1st April 2017 businesses and other non-household customers are able to choose their water retailer. To learn more visit for details of the choices that the new arrangements will give you.

Invoicing Timetable

For the charges and payment timetable for Retailers please click here