Community Partnership Consultation (November 2020 – September 2021)


Our customers’ expectations are continuously evolving with a growing emphasis on how local companies can benefit the communities they serve. With your collaboration we would like to shape our objectives moving forwards. Our Community Partnership lays out the foundations of who we are as a company, what we have already done, what we are currently doing and the direction in which we want to travel in the future.

But this is all about a partnership with you, our community, to achieve more. Together we can achieve more than what we can achieve alone as a company. As part of this partnership we want to better engage with our community and learn about specific needs beyond the service we provide as a drinking water supply company. As a local company we want to work with our community, with local schools, charities and on local environmental initiatives, to ensure a reliable supply of drinking water for future generations, helping wildlife and continuing to help our vulnerable customers. We strive to improve our customer satisfaction by helping out in the community and want to understand how we can work together to further improve.

As part of our partnership we now want to take our Community Partnership out into the community and hear the views of all of our customers. We want to make sure we have covered what is important to our community. Please read Our Community Partnership below and watch our short video. Please then complete the survey giving us your valuable feedback. It is really important that you let us know what you think! 

Thank you for taking the time.