The Company is committed to meeting the highest standards of public water supply. Since it relies upon the natural water environment to provide its raw resources, that commitment embraces the care of the wider environment as one of its prime objectives.

This section of the website outlines the Company's environmental policy and details the work which the Company is doing to encourage biodiversity throughout its operational sites. It also includes water saving tips for domestic households as well as incorporating a section outlining the Company's Annual Reports on its environmental and water efficiency activities.

Policy Statement

The Company's policy is to conserve and enhance the natural environment of its land and water areas and to preserve historic buildings and equipment, so far as is consistent with the primary duty of providing a sufficient supply of wholesome water at reasonable cost. Where possible the Company explores opportunities to encourage recreational use.

The Company has a long history of good practice in consultation and development in an area with many important wildlife sites and with landscape appreciated by residents and a large number of visitors. When new structures and buildings are required, the Company's policy is to ensure that, by careful design and landscaping, they blend into their surroundings. We continue to give full consideration to the environmental aspects of all our activities throughout our area of supply.

For more information about Catchment Management please click here and refer to the Catchment Management section.