Fracking in Company’s Area of Supply

Provision of safe and high quality water is a cornerstone of public health. It is our responsibility in this area to ensure such a service is not compromised by such activities as Fracking for shale gas.

There are arguments for and against Fracking, it is the role of Government to balance these, not Portsmouth Water.

Before Fracking for shale gas may commence, a number of statutory applications must be made by the oil exploratory company. The Environment Agency is responsible for ground water and environmental protection and is therefore responsible for any proposals to ensure that groundwater and the environment is protected, should hydraulic Fracking be implemented. We are now a statutory consultee, and work very closely with the Environment Agency and Hampshire County Council regarding any application.

Before Fracking may commence, exploratory boreholes are drilled by the oil exploration company in order to determine the viability of the site. The drilling of these holes are governed by statutory processes. The Company has recently worked closely with the Environment Agency regarding an application for an exploratory borehole in the Havant area and objected on the basis of adverse risk. The oil company has withdrawn its application and considering the Environment Agency’s comments.

We will continue to work closely with the Environment Agency to ensure we are able to deliver safe, high quality water to our customers both in the short and long term.

We continue to take samples every day at all stages of the treatment and delivery process throughout our supply network to ensure the water is safe to drink and of high quality.

The sampling and testing regime is fully validated as per the requirements of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000.

For more information regarding the statutory application process for Fracking, please visit the Environment Agency website at