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In this section you will find information on water meters, the Company's Code of Practice, Southern Water and the Company's policy regarding empty properties.

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Fresh and Waste Water

Southern Water

Portsmouth Water provides your drinking water and normally Southern Water charge for your waste water.

You will be billed separately for sewerage by your waste water provider, normally Southern Water Services Limited. Queries and complaints concerning sewerage services should also be addressed to your provider.

Southern Water is an entirely separate Company to Portsmouth Water and can be contacted on 0845 2720845.

For further information on Southern Water's services please click here to visit their website

Albion Water

Albion Water provides sewerage services for some customers in Knowle Village, Fareham.

Albion Water can be contacted on 0845 604 2355 or via email at [email protected]

Changing to a Water Meter
Most household customers can have a water meter fitted free, subject to a satisfactory survey. Within the first 24 months customers do have the option of changing their charges back to the previous method if a customer is no longer happy to be supplied via a meter or no cost savings have been made. To view information on 'Changing to a Water Meter' click here
Compulsory Metering

Some types of apparatus use large quantities of water, for example a sprinkler can use as much water in one hour as a family of four uses for domestic purposes in two days. There is concern about how much water is taken from underground sources and rivers, and compulsory meters can help us to preserve the balance between the growing demand for water and the environment.

We view the efficient use of water as a partnership between ourselves and our customers and so we have decided upon a policy of metering in the following circumstances.

  • Where garden watering is undertaken other than by hand.
  • Where the property has an automatically replenished swimming pool.
  • For a double bath - that is a bath with a capacity of over 230 litres/50 gallons.
  • Where a Reverse Osmosis type water softener system is fitted.
  • For a power shower (Pumped and Multihead variety).

Meters are installed free for domestic customers, subject to a satisfactory survey. Please click here to complete a Water Meter Application.

Code of Practice and Procedures for Leakage on Measured Domestic Supplies
To view our Code of Practice for Leakage regarding metered domestic supplies, click here.
Empty Properties
Where single premises are unoccupied for more than six months and you request in advance that the supply be turned off at the Company's controlling stop valve (if available), no further Water Supply charge will be made until the supply is reconnected for which there is no charge.
Code of Practice for Domestic Customers

This Code of Practice informs you of the main services we provide, our commitment to our domestic customers and tells you where and how to get advice and help. This code makes up a suite of codes comprising of Customer, Leakage and Debt Recovery codes, all of which are approved and regularly reviewed by Ofwat.

To download our Code of Practice click here.