Service Standards

Guaranteed Service Standards

Your Good Service Guarantee

We operate a Guaranteed Standards Scheme for our customers which puts in writing the minimum standards we aim to meet. If we fail to meet the standards we will pay you compensation.

The guarantee standards are also fully explained in our Code of Practice for Customers.

Keeping Appointments

If we have to visit your home we will make an appointment for before 12.00pm or after 12.00pm of a specific day, or if requested within a period of 2 hours in which the visit will be made. If we cannot keep the appointment we will let you know at least 24 hours in advance.

Each year we make thousands of appointments and failed to arrive at 23 within the allotted time frame during 2013/14 .

Interrupting Your Water Supply

Occasionally we need to interrupt your water supply to undertake essential maintenance work. Usually this work is planned and we will notify you in advance of the interruption to your supply, tell you when the supply will be restored and turn the water back on when we said we would.

Where the interruption as described is for more than four hours we will notify you at least 48 hours before the supply is interrupted.

In an emergency or unplanned interruption such as a burst pipe we guarantee we will restore your supply within 12 hours of our becoming aware of the problem, or 48 hours if the job involves repairing a major main.

Our target is to ensure the proportion of properties served by us that experience an interruption to the water supply for more than 12 hours in any one day will be kept below 0.1%.

During 2013/14 no properties, served by us, experienced an interruption of their water supply in excess of 12 hours in duration.