Emergency Guide

What to do in an Emergency

In an emergency our teams are trained to respond as quickly as possible. Keeping our customers informed during an incident is a top priority and our contact centre may become very busy with calls, at which point we will add a recorded message to our phone lines with up-to-date information and advice on the appropriate action to take.

Relevant information will be updated on our website via our incident map as well as on our social media platforms. If necessary, we’ll also be in touch with local news outlets.

No water checklist

If you do find yourself without water in your property, then we advise our customers to run through this quick 4 Step Guide:

  1. Check for water
    Turn on the taps in your home. Still no water?
  2. Check with a neighbour to see if they are having the same issue.
  3. View our incidents and maintenance page.
    This will show you if we are carrying out any work in your area, simply add your postcode to search. No water after recent works? Call us on 023 9249 9888
  4. Still no water? There may be a live incident.
    Visit our website and take a look at our social media pages for updates.


What is an incident?

For our customers, this would be a loss of water supply to a large area or water unfit to drink. This requires us to make special arrangements and work with other emergency responder agencies to rectify any issues and continue to supply water to customers however we can.

What is an emergency?

We would categorise this as an unexpected situation that requires immediate action for leaks, burst pipes and flooding.

How would I know you are Portsmouth Water representative?

All our representatives in the area have their own identification badge, Portsmouth Water branded uniform, high-vis-jackets, and our vehicles display our kingfisher brand on them.

What is a Boil Water Notice?

If we have issued a Boil Water Notice to our customers, this means that our routine water quality tests have revealed the water does not meet the requirements for drinking water.

A Boil Water Notice means you must boil your tap water before you consume it in any way. This includes drinking, brushing your teeth, making ice cubes, preparing food, cleaning feeding equipment, or giving it to your pets.

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Will you provide bottled water?

Depending on the severity of the situation and the length of time the incident or emergency continues, we would endeavour to set up alternative water stations to get bottled water safely to customers.

Customers would be able to collect bottled water from the location that has been scoped out by our Emergency Planning team.

For customers on our priority services register, we would provide a delivery service.  If you think you are eligible for our Priority Services, please visit our webpage about our Priority Services Register.

What is Water Quality?

Quite literally, the quality of the water that you consume. Portsmouth Water has a long record of providing safe drinking water to the population of Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. The safety of the drinking water supply is highly regulated and will always remain one of our principal objectives.

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How do I find out about works or repairs near me?

Prior to any planned maintenance work we advise impacted customers in writing about the works and any foreseeable issues. All planned work and issues are displayed on our map with details updated throughout the day.

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How can I find a reputable plumber?

If you do find yourself up to your ankles in water… we recommend using WaterSafe® to source an approved water contractor.

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What to do if you experience a flood?

If you are experiencing a flood, please focus on your safety and the safety of your family. For what to do in if you need to report a flood or to find out what to do in an event of a flood, please visit the Government website

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What are our Guaranteed Service Standards?

We are committed to providing exceptional service and delivering excellence for our customers. However, if on occasion things don’t go to plan, we operate under our Guaranteed Service Standards. This means that if we fail to meet the standards, we will pay you compensation.

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