Priority Services Register

Our Services for Customers with Additional Needs

At Portsmouth Water we aim to provide a high level of service to all our customers. We want to ensure that, wherever possible, the needs of our older and disabled customers are catered for.

We have introduced a range of services, free of charge and available on request. These have been primarily designed to meet the needs of our elderly and disabled customers. However, these services are available to all customers.

Priority Services Register Application Form

We need to know your name and address and which services you would like to use.

We would also like to know about your particular situation in order to give you the best possible service. However, we appreciate that some people may not wish us to know certain details so we are requesting additional information on a purely voluntary basis to enable us to help wherever we can.

All the information given to us will be held on file and will be treated as strictly confidential. It will only be released to those within the Company who need to know.

Click here to download the Priority Services Register brochure

Click here to download the Priority Services Register registration form

Alternatively, please contact our Customer Services Department on 023 9249 9666 for further information or to request a brochure and application form.


Send Your Bill

We can telephone you to let you know the amount of your bill before we send it.

Also, if it would be helpful, you could nominate someone else for us to send your yearly bill to (perhaps a relative or friend). Your nominee would not be liable for your bill but could let you know the amount and date of the payment(s) required and possibly send the payment for you. Should the bill remain unpaid, any reminders would also be sent to your nominee. Circumstances beyond your control may prevent you from paying your bill - for example, a stay in hospital. Even if you do not wish a nominee to regularly receive your bill, you may like to give us the name of someone we could contact if your bill has not been paid. Please complete section 4 of our Service Plus Application Form.
Emergencies and Interruptions

Emergencies and Interruptions to Your Water Supply

Occasionally we have to interrupt water supplies to carry out essential repairs. We will warn you of these interruptions by delivering a card to you if your household will be affected. Sometimes interruptions are caused by emergencies such as burst pipes. We cannot forewarn you of these, however, we will let you know what the problem is, what action you should take and when normal supplies will be restored. We have developed an integrated computer system which ensures that the information on customers with additional needs is available to all employees with a 'need to know' (e.g., those dealing with an emergency). If you have registered as a customer with additional needs (e.g. kidney dialysis patient) we will, wherever possible, take these needs into consideration during an interruption or emergency. We will ensure, wherever we can, that Customers who have hearing or sight problems are individually notified about the problem. Please complete section 2 of our Service Plus Application Form.

Checking Your Meter Reading

If you have a meter and have difficulty in checking it, we will arrange to read it for you and to let you know the reading. Please complete section 6 of our Service Plus Application Form.
Advice and Information for Water Fittings

There is a range of adaptations and equipment that may make water using appliances and apparatus easier for you to use.

For information and advice on what is available, possibly free of charge, you should contact your Local Authority Social Services Department and ask for the occupational therapist.

Portsmouth Social Services Department
Medina House
Medina Road
Telephone: 023 9220 0132

If you live outside the Portsmouth area you should contact the Social Services Department nearest your home. The phone number and address will be in your telephone directory.

Adaptations and equipment are also available for private purchase and information can be obtained from the Frank Sorrell Centre, Southsea. Telephone: 023 9273 7174 / 023 9283 1214.

Other organisations that provide general information and help are:

Disabled Living Foundation
380/384 Harrow Road
London. W9 2HU
Tel: 0207 289 6111

Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (RADAR)
25, Mortimor Street
London.W1N 8AB
Tel: 0207 250 3222
Minicom: 0207 250 4119

How to beat the bogus caller ...
stop, chain, check

Knock knock! Who's there? Be stranger aware!

The music-hall image of a man in a mask and striped jumper creeping around in the dark is a far cry from today’s burglar.

The modern day intruder is more likely to arrive in broad daylight and talk his way into your home by claiming he is from the Water Board or another utility company.

Before letting anyone into your home, we recommend you follow STOP, CHAIN, CHECK.

If you see anyone acting suspiciously contact the police on 999.

You can identify Portsmouth Water staff by their:

  • Portsmouth Water photographic identification card
  • Portsmouth Water uniform with kingfisher logo
  • Portsmouth Water vehicle with kingfisher logo

If you are unsure please call us on 023 9247 7999.

Home Visits

At your request, we can arrange a convenient time for a member of Staff to visit your home. Our Staff are trained to answer questions about your water supply, provide advice on water efficiency and assist with queries about your bill.

Access to our Head Office at Havant

A clearly visible ramp is available at our Head Office which leads straight into the Reception Area adjacent to the Customer Services Department.

Toilet facilities for the Disabled are also available.

Car parking is available on site.

Communication Help For The Deaf/Speech Impaired

Details on minicom telephones for the deaf/speech impaired are available from the Local Authority Social Services Department.

Sensory Impairment Team
Branksmere House
Queens Crescent
Telephone: 023 9275 6321
Available 9-12am Mon/Wed/Fri - answerphone operates outside these hours.

If you live outside the Portsmouth area you should contact the Social Services Department nearest your home. The phone number and address will be in your telephone directory. Customers can also communicate with us.

Please click here for our contact details.