Portsmouth Water and Portsmouth City Council have produced a ‘water wise in the garden’ guide to help gardeners use less water in the garden. The guide gives advice on watering techniques such as the use of mulches, water butts, composting and the best time to water your plants. This can be used to help everyone be water wise, whatever the size of their garden, patio or balcony.

Neville Smith, Portsmouth Water’s Managing Director, commented “Water is a precious resource and we must all play our part in using water more wisely and by using some of the suggestions in the guide a garden can still flourish whilst still reducing the amount of water used. Whilst our water resources are currently in a healthy position, I would urge everyone to take up the water saving challenge and see how we can all make small changes in our behaviours and use less water. Every drop saved is a drop not taken from the environment. There is no reason why everyone cannot still have a lovely garden this summer as well as being part of our saving water challenge.”

To help get started on the Saving Water Challenge, customers are encouraged to visit our website and order a free water saving pack. The pack include a save a flush bag, shower timer, a shower and tap restrictor as well as leaflets containing useful water saving advice. There is also an interactive calculator that will help customers work out how much water they use and the areas in which they can look to use less water.
The guide ‘be water wise in the garden’ and the free water saving pack can be found on our website at www.portsmouthwater.co.uk by clicking on the saving water challenge button.