Press Release: Portsmouth Water one of the best in the industry for Service to Customers

Portsmouth Water are delighted to have been ranked as number 2 in the water industry, as determined by Ofwat, the industry economic regulator, in terms of Service to our Customers.

The Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM) managed by Ofwat uses four independent Customer Experience Surveys, which were undertaken during 2017/18. They survey customers who have had contact with the business and divide the result between billing and water supply issues giving an overall result. Ofwat then take the number of written complaints and unwanted calls into account to produce an overall SIM score. SIM is recognised as the leading indicator of service to customers in the water industry.

Our overall SIM score of 87.9 out of 100 makes us second in the industry just behind Anglian Water on 88. All the industry scores are shown below.

Bob Taylor, CEO, said, “This is testament to our team of dedicated employees who are firmly committed to our vision of delivering both excellence and service to our customers. This level of consistent high quality service year on year combined with the lowest bills in England and Wales demonstrates the value for money we deliver for our customers”.