New “Water is Life” Education programme

Portsmouth Water’s Water is Life education programme launched to  local schools

Today saw us launch our new “Water is Life” education programme, which includes  a vast array of resources, available to be downloaded from our website, to support  learning in the classroom or at home.

Portsmouth Water’s Education Programme “Water is Life” has been designed working  with TeachTalkLearn, an education specialist company, and in partnership with the  Staunton Farm Education Team.  The programme can be delivered as part of regular school visits to Staunton Farm (our  education delivery partners) or by downloading the resources direct from our website  for learning at school or home.

The website is full of resources and activities for all EYFS, KS1 & KS2 children to enjoy  both in the classroom and at home. This includes “Blue Peter” style videos of how to  carry out simple experiments about water – all using items easily found in a household.

Also included is an award winning education multimedia toolkit, which looks to teach  and develop young people’s knowledge of hygiene. The toolkit, which won the 2018  WaterAid Winnovators Awards for best team for Europe and North America, consists  of lesson plans, a top trumps style card game, handwashing technique and a number  of easy to understand posters.  Every schoolchild on an education visit to Staunton farm, delivered by the Staunton  Education team, will be given information on how to be a good citizen and how this  relates to looking after the valuable resource of water.

All the activities are designed to be easily understood for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 children  with supporting information for adults and parents so they can engage in the learning  together. This is the underlying principle of the “Water is Life” education programme  “learning together”.

Ian Limb, Head of HR at Portsmouth Water said on the launch “I am delighted that we  have built on our longstanding education partnership we have with Staunton and have  put together with TeachTalkLearn a programme designed to support children in their  learning all about our precious resource, water.

Vicky Howard, Director at TeachTalkLearn said “Our ethos is to get children learning  by engaging in everyday activities. This was a perfect partnership with Portsmouth  Water and Staunton to put this into practice through creating a bespoke education  programme to be enjoyed by school visits to the park or simply by utilising the  resources on the website for home or in the classroom.”

Abi Peett, “We were involved with TeachTalkLearn as part of our partnership with  Portsmouth Water. I am really looking forward to delivering the “Water is Life”  programme. It is important that every child that attends a school visit leave with  understanding the importance of water and the impact it has on all of us.”

The launch has seen an education pack full of resources sent to all local schools. All  the resources can also be downloaded from our new education website.

You can find the website at: For more information about TeachTalkLearn visit their website on