Portsmouth Water and Cappagh Extend Business Relationship for a further 5 years.

Portsmouth Water and Cappagh are delighted to announce signature of an agreement  to extend their collaborative Infrastructure contract for a further 5 years helping deliver  the requirements of AMP7 for the period 2020 to 2025.

The contract was initially set up to help deliver Portsmouth Water’s AMP6 (Asset  Management Plan 6) from 2015 to 2020 and was part of a collaborative arrangement,  which included co-location of staff at Portsmouth Water’s Head Office in Havant. This  collaborative approach has been very successful, with Portsmouth Water maintaining  its reputation as an industry leader in delivering excellent service to its customers  including industry leading performance in the important area of interruptions to supply.

The contract extension will see Cappagh renew around 18km/year of water mains and  associated service pipes, the annual installation of at least 5,000 new water meters –  important as the company looks to encourage customers to use water wisely – and  new mains and service connections to new development sites in Portsmouth Water’s  area of supply. The contract will be worth around £24m over the 5-year period.

Mark Mills, Head of Asset Delivery at Portsmouth Water said, “This contract was the  first in the wider transformation of our contracting approach in AMP6, which saw us  move from the traditional client and contractor relationship to a truly collaborative  delivery model. This approach has been extremely successful having delivered better  service to our customers and significant efficiencies in delivery. I am really pleased  that we have agreed to further our collaboration with Cappagh and extend the contract  for the next five years.”

Matt Guest, Managing Director at Cappagh said “This is really good news for both  partners and more importantly Portsmouth Water’s customers. We have built a  positive and collaborative working relationship, improving efficiency and removing  duplication; we are looking forward to building on this further over the next 5 years.”

Portsmouth Water CEO, Bob Taylor, commented, “Since I became CEO at the  beginning of the year I have been very impressed with the ability of Cappagh to meet  ours and more importantly the customer’s needs. They work in line with our customer  centric values and local community based approach which is very important to us  when we choose a partner; like us they strive to deliver customer excellence at all  times. I am delighted that we have been able to reach agreement to extend the  contract for a further 5 years under significantly improved commercial arrangements.”