Update on reservoir pipeline

Our proposals for Havant Thicket Reservoir include a new pipeline that needs to be installed, so that we can put water into the reservoir from Bedhampton Springs and take it out again when it’s needed to supply customers. You can read more by clicking here and scrolling to the question “Where would the new pipeline run?”

We are now proposing to submit a separate planning application for the pipeline, with a larger application for all other aspects of the scheme, to Havant Borough Council and East Hampshire District Council later this year.

This will enable the pipeline to be delivered more effectively and efficiently, as there will be technical planning conditions very specific to this which would be best handled in their own right.  It is important to note that nothing else related to the pipeline or the rest of the reservoir project will change – the proposed pipeline route, construction techniques and timeline all remain as consulted on from 11 May to 8 June 2020.