Please use water wisely

Please use water wisely as hot weather is set to continue

Customers are being asked to use water wisely over the coming weeks as the hot weather is expected to continue.

Bob Taylor, Chief Executive Officer: “Despite a very low level of rainfall in recent months resulting in our groundwater levels being 3 meters below the long term average – the last 7 months has been the 5th driest on record (since 1891 !!) – we still have water available in our boreholes and key reservoirs.

The problem we can face in the short-term when there is a period of prolonged extreme hot weather is demand from customers can increase to such a level that at times people are using water at a faster rate than we can pump it from our sources to customers’ taps. This is where our customers can play a crucial part in ensuring there is water available for everyone by using water wisely.

Bob added: “Our key water workers have been working round the clock to make sure our supplies keep flowing. We are asking our customers to use water wisely to help us ensure we have plenty for everyone. Just simple tips like taking a shorter shower or not watering your lawns – they will go brown but they will recover – will make a difference. Customers can play a crucial part in ensuring there is water available for everyone this summer by using water wisely.”

During this hot period, you may also be experiencing cloudy/milky looking water. This is caused by air and will clear after a short time. Although unsightly, the air in the water is not harmful. Please see our advice leaflet and video for more information.

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