Serving New Housing Developments

The Company has a statutory duty to provide water supplies to new domestic households. For most housing developments this will entail the laying of new mains from the Company’s existing network to serve the new site.

Once your new main or mains extension has been laid, chlorinated and cleared for connections, a quotation for the new services to feed each property can be raised.

Please click here to find out how to apply for a new service.

On occasions a new trunk main will be required to reinforce the existing network to serve a large development area. Details or current schemes are listed below:

  • Major Development Area Flansham Bognor Regis – 125mm and 180mm diameter mains laid for Phase 1 of the development.
  • Major Development Area Flansham Bognor Regis – 1.2km of 450mm diameter main to be laid to serve 770 properties.
  • Major Development Area Waterlooville – 1.1km of 355mm will be laid in the next 3 months to serve 475 properties.

To find out more about a Mains Extension please click here.