Lowest Bills in England & Wales

Portsmouth Water bills to remain the lowest in England and Wales

Ofwat has announced that, in line with our business plan submission, our water charges 2015 to 2020 will remain at today’s prices and will only increase in line with inflation as measured by the retail prices index.

Our business plan proposals were produced after extensive customer consultation and reflected the key issues that customers considered as a high priority such as:

  • Delivering a safe secure and reliable drinking water
  • Less water lost through leakage
  • Delivering a high quality service
  • Improved our environment by supporting biodiversity initiatives
  • Look after our people by installing a positive health and safety culture
  • Supporting the community

Managing Director, Neville Smith said “I am pleased that Ofwat has accepted our business plan proposals and our challenge we have set ourselves to both keep prices as low as possible for our customers and further increase our investment in our network. We believe this outcome strikes the correct balance in looking after the interests of customers and allowing us to invest in our network and we plan to increase our capital spending by 20% over the next 5 years. We are determined to continue to supply high quality drinking water whilst providing excellent levels of service for our customers at the lowest price in the country.”

With our average water bill for the next five years remaining at £96 (before inflation), our customers will continue to benefit from having the lowest water charges in England and Wales. Aligned with our excellent record of having the lowest level of written complaints we continue to deliver value for money for our customers.