Our Team

We offer a wide variety of positions which are all essential to the smooth running of the company.

Meet Our Team

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Meet Ian, Portsmouth Water Meter Reader

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Meet Clare, Smart & CRM Transformation Operational Lead

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Meet Lucie, HR & Training Officer

Water Operations

Our primary function is to deliver high quality drinking water to our 280,000 customers 24 hours a day 365 days a year. To achieve this we have people carrying our important activities such as the building and maintenance of our infrastructure e.g. reservoirs, treatment works and the mains network. This allows for the water to be treated and then distributed through a large network of pipes to your tap. On top of this we have a Water Quality team ensuring your water has been tested so it is of the highest quality.

Customer Services

In Customer Services, we answer the phone 172,000 times a year and work quickly to resolve customer queries and problems. So when problems happen at Portsmouth Water, we aim to fix them fast. Being a highly regulated environment, we have teams of specialists working to maintain the highest customer standards at all times.

Support Services

Our Support Services functions work alongside the business, offering expertise on a range of disciplines including HR, safety, finance, procurement, IT, legal matters, etc. These back office functions are essential to providing consistency and compliance across the company and ensure that our people and our systems are given the care and attention they need.