Your Water and Its Future

Help us ensure how we can best secure your drinking water for the next 25 years

Every five years we update our water resources management plan which looks at how we’ll keep your taps running while striking that delicate balance between protecting the environment and keeping bills affordable.

We’re currently consulting on our latest proposals and want to hear from you. Your thoughts will be key in order to help us shape the direction required to help us secure your future tap water supplies.


Have your say on how we secure your drinking water for the next 25 years

All water companies prepare Water Resources Management Plans (WRMPs) which show how they will secure resilient water supplies for their customers for the next 25 years. We consider how much water we have available today, how much we need to supply in the future and then develop options to make up any difference.

These plans are updated every five years to make sure they always reflect the latest information, innovation and customer views.

We’ve already held conversations with you about your water supplies and what’s important to you and these have been taken into account in this draft plan.

We also have a Customer Challenge Group which is reviewing our work to engage with you and making sure your views are  incorporated into all our future plans.

Here’s a quick summary of this plan:

  • This plan caters for growth and is part of a solution to supply other areas of the South East where there’s less water
  • We can do this by building a new reservoir at Havant Thicket – to store water, create a nature reserve and provide community facilities
  • We’re planning for more extreme droughts than we’ve known before – so we’re ready for climate change
  • We want to save water by reducing leaks by 15%
  • We want to involve you in saving water with water meters, water-saving products and community campaigns
  • This is your water supply and it’s your chance to have your say

What we’ve done since our last plan

Our last water resources plan was published in 2014, and we’ve been busy since then improving the quality and security of your water supplies.

We Have :

Have your say

Please take time to read our plans on how we’ll secure resilient
water supplies in West Sussex and Hampshire.

We’d really love to hear your thoughts and we are holding a consultation between 5 March and 25 May, 2018.

All your responses will be shared with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and will be considered by us when we develop our final Water Resources Management Plan later this year.

There are lots of ways you can have your say: