Press Release – Hulbert Road

Water Supply News – June 2017
July 11, 2017

TRAFFIC DISRUPTION LIKELY – Hulbert Road, Waterlooville

From 24th July 2017 the Hulbert Road, northbound from the Asda roundabout to the Dunsbury Hill Roundabout, will be closed for a period of 8 weeks. The northbound closure of the Hulbert Road will allow for the laying of a new water main which is required to supply water to the new Dunsbury Hill development. The southbound route will be open as normal during this period.

We have been in discussion with the Highways Authority and the decision to close the road to northbound traffic has been agreed as the best option to minimise traffic disruption.
During the northbound closure a least disruptive diversion route has been selected and directed by the Highways Authority and will be operating directing traffic west along Purbrook Road, and northwards in Stakes Hill Road and Frendstaple Road.

Rod Porteous, Engineering Director at Portsmouth Water said “With such a key road being closed there is inevitably going to be some traffic disruption, but by planning the job in such a way that we can keep the southbound part open and by using a diversion route directed by the Highways Authority we are endeavoring to minimise any traffic disruption.
Other works are also required to serve the Dunsbury Hill development and to reduce the disruption to the travelling public, we are also working with BT Openreach to enable them to use the road closure to install their equipment. I of course apologise for any inconvenience this essential work may cause.”

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