“Knock Knock – Who’s There? . . . Be Stranger Aware”

With Christmas just around the corner, Portsmouth Water are asking all their customers to be extra cautious if someone is at the doorstep claiming to be from the Company.

A modern day burglar is likely to arrive in broad daylight and try to talk his way into your home by claiming he is from the Water Company or another Utility Company and therefore it is important that all customers are vigilant.

To help prevent bogus callers all representatives from Portsmouth Water will have the following:

  • A Portsmouth Water Photographic ID Card, which will always be shown when arriving at a Customer’s property – If they refuse to show their ID contact the Police immediately.
  • A Portsmouth Water Uniform displaying the Portsmouth Water Kingfisher Logo
  • A Portsmouth Water Vehicle displaying the Portsmouth Water Kingfisher Logo

Neville Smith, Managing Director of Portsmouth Water says “the last thing we want is a customer’s Christmas to be ruined by a visit from a Bogus Caller who is claiming to be from Portsmouth Water. All our representatives are required to show their identification at all times and if customers are still unsure they should contact us on 023 9247 7999 – the number is also shown on the ID card – or contact the police on 999. Our representative will always be happy to wait outside while a customer makes the necessary checks.”

For more information please contact Ian Limb on 02392 499888.

For more information on the performance of the water industry please visit www.discoverwater.co.uk

Stranger Aware Poster 2017