No Water Restrictions Anticipated This Summer

(this means no hosepipe bans)

17 JULY 2018

Due to the wet winter and the natural recharge of our water resources (which mainly come from the chalk downs) we do not anticipate any need for water restrictions this coming summer. This means no hosepipe bans and for the record, the last time we had to introduce such restrictions was way back in the summer of 1976.

Whilst our water levels are above the long term average, as always, we encourage our customers to use water wisely. Every time we turn on the tap we are taking water from the environment. So anything that can help us take less can only be a good thing.

Why not visit our website at and have a go at our water saving challenge. By taking the challenge you will be able to work out how much water you use, what simple steps you can do to use less and even work out if you could save money by going on a meter.

Neville Smith, Managing Director, “I am pleased that our water resources position is a healthy one and that we do not anticipate any need for restrictions over the coming months. It is important that during this hot period everyone stays hydrated and drink plenty of water, but equally I would urge everyone to take up the water saving challenge and see how we can all make small changes in our behaviours and use less water. Every drop saved is a drop not taken from the environment”.

For more information please contact Ian Limb on 02392 499888.
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