Plans to grow community partnership

Portsmouth Water consults on plans to grow its community partnership

Portsmouth Water is developing a Community Partnership with its local communities in a bid to achieve more together – and is keen to hear everyone’s views.

The water company, which has supplied local communities for more than 160 years, has produced a leaflet and film to outline the partnership and created an online survey to gather feedback.

It wants to extend its work with communities, schools, charities and local environmental initiatives, to go beyond its daily work ensuring a reliable supply of drinking water for future generations.

This could involve doing more to support wildlife, create education and training opportunities and lend a hand to vulnerable customers.

The Community Partnership is being led by employees on the company’s Young Person’s Board, which supports younger staff to give valuable input into the future role of the company.

Sam Dawson, Chair of the Young Person’s Board said: “Ultimately, we just want to help our communities and work together in partnership, to achieve greater things for the whole society.”

“For Portsmouth Water, working with our community has always been part of our DNA and this partnership aims to show our commitment to continuously improving the way we do this to enrich both our community and our company.”

“To do this well, we now want to take our Community Partnership into the community to hear people’s views and make sure we know what’s important to them.”

Examples of where the company and communities can achieve more together include:

  • Using water wisely – at home and work, supported with advice and tools
  • Making the company aware of vulnerable customers so they can get the help they need
  • Sharing information on leaks to help the company fix them more quickly and save water
  • Providing honest feedback so the company can continue to learn and improve.

People can find more information on the partnership, watch a short film and fill in a survey online at