Now offering our new online service to Portsmouth Water customers

Portsmouth Water is pleased to start offering our new online account service to customers.

Customers will start to receive either an email or a letter offering the opportunity to register online and providing a new account number.

We are aware that customers are not used to receiving this type of communication from us. We’d like to take this opportunity to reassure customers this is the start of us modernising how we interact, with aims to make improvements both online and offline.

About the Communication

Invitation by email

Customers who receive an email will see a personalised link to register. Registration should be quick and easy – simply click the link and create a password.

Invitation by letter

Customers who receive a letter will see a personalised QR code on the letter to scan with a smartphone. Customers may be asked to provide their date of birth or mobile to verify they are the account holder. If we do not have this information for a customer on our records, you will be asked to provide us with you full name, postal address and email address and we will get you set up.

Your Online Account

Currently, using your new online account you can:

  • Update your personal details
  • Change your communication preference – either postal or email
  • Personalise what information you would like to receive from us
  • Review your bills and payments
  • See and submit new meter readings
  • Register for our Priority Services Register and manage your needs
  • Pay your bill by debit or credit card

…but that’s not all. Right now, we’re working on delivering more features, including:

  • Set up and manage your Direct Debit
  • Tell us you’re moving home

Whilst there is lots more you can do online with us, we understand this is personal preference. If you choose not to register online, we will continue to contact you as normal through the post. The only change you will see is to your account number with us.

Important to note
  • During the registration process we will NOT ask you for any bank or card details
  • Using a QR scanner app on your phone instead of your phone camera? Please ensure you are clicking the right link and not an advertisement.
    The link we are directing you to a URL that will contain:

Have any questions? Please get in touch. Our team are here to help.