Portsmouth Water seeks delivery partners, launching a major Contract Notice worth £136.5 million: “Infrastructure Term Service Contract and Smart Water Meter Installation Contract”

Portsmouth Water has announced the launch of a major procurement process, seeking suppliers to deliver the infrastructure works and Installation of Smart Water Meters.

Divided into Lots, the procurement activity is divided into two key areas of opportunity. Both resulting contracts are anticipated to commence in August 2025:

  • Lot A Contract: Infrastructure Term Service Contract – includes water mains renewals and replacement, new water mains, service pipes and connections, water mains extensions and diversions, water mains repair and maintenance, and ad hoc Smart Water Meter installations.
  • Lot B Contract: Smart Water Meter Installation – includes Smart Water Meter installations and commissioning, including deployment planning, delivery and strategic planning.

Suppliers are invited to bid for an individual lot or submit bids for both lots.

Valued at £136.5 million over 5 years, with a further potential extension to another 5 years, this tender represents a significant investment in Portsmouth Water’s infrastructure. The universal metering programme will rollout cutting-edge smart meter technology that will deliver operational efficiency, improve customer service, and promote water conservation for the Portsmouth Water area of supply; a region classified as an area of ‘serious water stress’ by The Environment Agency in 2021.

Suppliers looking to bid for the contract will need to do so via the Delta platform by 17th June 2024, at 11pm.

Invitation to Participate

Prospective suppliers are invited to apply through a Selection Questionnaire (SQ) to pre-qualify for the tender.

Interested suppliers are encouraged to visit the Find Tender Service site for further information. Prospective suppliers can access the Selection Questionnaire and find further information on the procurement process via the Portsmouth Water portal.