Water Storage and Distribution

Once water has been abstracted, treated and disinfected, it is ready to be distributed to our customers.

To provide an unrestricted and economical supply of water we utilise pumps and pipelines to deliver water to our customers. Because demand for water constantly varies throughout the day together with seasonal variations created, for example, by garden watering, we utilise service reservoirs to store water avoiding the need for constant variations in pumping rates.

George Reservoir (Custom)Service reservoirs are constructed and sited on top of hills. Water is normally pumped from the Treatment Works at night to the reservoir thereby making use of cheap electricity. At all times of the day water gravitates to households and businesses through our distribution network regardless of whether or not pumping stations and Treatment Works are operating.

It is common for water to be abstracted from a source and pumped to a number of reservoirs strategically placed to supply the local population. In rural areas or areas of exceptional demand, we may boost or transfer water to secondary reservoirs at a higher ground level.