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Our vision, against the backdrop of climate change and population growth, is to provide an affordable, reliable and sustainable supply of high-quality water for our customers.

By being smart in our approach, we will work with our local communities to meet our goals while protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations.

We face some big challenges. We might need to find an additional 70 million litres of water a day to serve our growing population and protect the environment.

Our infrastructure is getting older – and extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, putting more pressure on our pipes, pumps and treatment works.

Our customers, rightly, expect more from their water companies. And we need to keep bills affordable for all. Always.

Through our Business Plans, we plan ahead for the next 25 years. This starts with thinking about what our future could look like, understanding what our customers want their services to be like in 25 years, and then working out how we get there.

The sections below detail different areas which customers can get involved.  Please expand each section where you may be given the option to take part in a survey.

Our Vision

Our Vision Statement Excellence in Water. Always. is our first draft of your priorities are for the next 25 years.  At its core, our vision means the experience our customers have, will continue to lead the industry, whilst reflecting the way we collectively achieve this needs to change.

Our Vision is based on what you’ve told us your priorities are and where you think we should focus our efforts.  Our Vision also reflects the challenges, opportunities and uncertainties we know about, and our ambitions for the future.

From this we have outlined the 4 priorities shown below.  We think that by delivering against these priorities, we’ll achieve our vision.

Secure sustainable water supplies for our customers, which protect and enhance our environment in a changing world.

Be at the frontier of delivering high-quality, resilient, net-zero services – for our customers, environment and region.

Co-create solutions which deliver our customers’, communities’, and stakeholders’ priorities.

Affordable water for all. Always.

Have your say on our 25-Year Vision

Now, we want to know whether we’ve have heard you correctly – and that our 25-Year Vision matches your needs, priorities and expectations.

This is our long-term vision. Not just ours as Portsmouth Water, but ours as customers, communities and custodians of a precious finite resource. Which is why we really want to hear from you.

We welcome responses, either through completing our online survey here, or by emailing us at [email protected].

We will consider all responses when finalising our 25-Year Vision. The closing date for responses is Friday 7th October.

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