Standpipe Hire

Our standpipe hire process has changed…

From Saturday 1 February 2020 our contract partner Aquam Water Services Ltd has taken all standpipe hires and manages the end to end process. You can contact them via the below details:

Operating hydrants when attaching a standpipe

  • Clean out the hydrant pit of any debris
  • Spray the hydrant and standpipe with approved chlorine based spray solution
  • Do not apply any bending or sideways load to the standpipe
  • Operate the spindle at arms length
  • Always open and close the hydrant in a slow and controlled manner
  • Flush the hydrant to clear the connection point
  • Do not cross thread the outlet
  • Visually inspect the standpipe to confirm it is fitted correct
  • Do not stand directly over the hydrant
  • If any hydrant fails in operation, please report to Water Services immediately